PLEASE DO NOT “FOLLOW” OR SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG. The last thing that we need to do here is to send out automatic email notifications or telegraph to the illegitimate Trump administration as to what we’re doing or saying here. So – even if you find a way to do so, please do NOT follow or subscribe to this blog. We’re hardly good enough writers to get it right on the first draft anyway. [the same has been said on all Pages within this blog] Now. . .

There’s not much to say here except – this is NOT my first blog. I’ve operated blogs over on the old Blogger system, Google’s blogspot, another via Bluehost, & several WP free & for pay blogs: Rant & Rave, the Bookstore, My Morning Walk, Barside and others. I’ll update this page a little later. We’re just getting set up with this hdmunn.blog right now — 1-7-17.

*.blog is a new domain format. We’ll see how/if it works out?