Sona Jobarteh – GAMBIA (Official Video)

Wouldn’t it be fun to play & sing & dance with this group. You could get dirt all over your feet and nobody would care!

This is some of Trump’s favorite music! ūüôā
It’s difficult to imagine that there could be hunger & poverty in West Africa – what with all the millions & billions of dollars donated by rich people like Trump and Gates and Buffet and the Soros and Koch Brothers and big Oil Comanies. Even with all their wealth, they can’t buy salvation, soul salvation.


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Do not be misled: the Comey testimony and all the hoopla surrounding it and other so-called “inquiries” into Trump & his Russia ties is nothing but a diversionary¬†tactic to take America’s eye off the real surprise prize going on behind the scenes in Washington — the upcoming legislation known as “Trumpcare” (the total repeal of Obamacare) where upwards of 23 million people will lose their healthcare coverage; “Tax Cuts for the Rich” legislation; and repeal of Dodd/Frank legislation which at least provides ‘some’¬†government financial restrictions on Wall St. and banking institutions..

mcconnell-turd1That was a long, run-on sentence but it’s true. The sneaky Republicans led by beady-eyed, turkey-throat¬†McConnell, Cornyn, Lindsey Graham, McCain and others are using the opportunity of the “Comey testimony” to make the free Press focus on that and the ridiculous back & forth nonsense of “getting to the bottom of Trump’s Oval Office “he said/he said” and the¬†financial money-laundering efforts on behalf of the Russians¬†that Trump¬†and his family are so rooted in involving his family’s illicit kleptocracy at the expense of the trump lemonaideAmerican people. (Another run-on sentence.) But do not be fooled, the Republicans know what they’re doing (and they’re professionals at it). Before Congress slithers out for its July 4th holiday, the GOP hopes to have already passed their three fav. “signature” pieces of Trump legislation.

You can ignore it all, you can remain brain-dead or be na√Įve as to what the Republicans are really doing – but it’s happening right now before or behind your very eyes in real-time news!

The Republicans don’t give a wit about keeping a dunce in the White House as long as he provides “cov”erage and they get their agenda passed!

Good luck. The only people who are going to change Washington and get rid of these corrupt Republican politicians at this point are those who “take to the streets” in order to effect change and DEMAND better!