hdmPLEASE DO NOT “FOLLOW” OR SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG. The last thing that we need to do here is to send out automatic email notifications or telegraph to the illegitimate Trump administration as to what we’re doing or saying here. So – even if you find a way to do so, please do NOT follow or subscribe to this blog. We’re hardly good enough writers to get it right on the first draft anyway. Now. . .

The simple/honest way to say this is – we don’t want you to contact us. This blogsite is an extension of some 6-8 old email buddies from the past who pretty much don’t care about political correctness or Republican/Democrat lies anymore. In other words, we have all we need right now just passing our own junk around between us. But if you just have to contact us to yell or curse or perhaps file a lawsuit, please be courteous enough to fill out the form below. We don’t check our SPAM folder very often. (it won’t get you anywhere hardly — most of us are in our 70’s, half-dead, and the government’s already got most of our money anyway. We’re as poor as a Hardees Sausage Biscuit, but you’re welcome to give it a try).

This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form. When all else fails in trying to reach us, you can give this a try.

If all else fails… you might want to try the FBI or CIA or NSA or even Google (they’ve been spying on us for years and should still have an open dossier on us.)