Rare Earthquake, Space Shadow, Severe Weather | S0 News Jan.9.2017

Here’s one of my favorite Utube Channels that I follow and I just HAD to share with you guys. I’ve become so addicted to this stuff that I virtually live out there on the linked websites. It’s good stuff. I hope you enjoy this daily post to Utube by Suspicious Observers. Here’s a sample – today’s upload.

 I currently own a Galaxy S5 device that I hardly use at all and I’ve already downloaded the Disaster Prediction App and have thoroughly enjoyed the learning curve!

Tweeter ~ Ralph & Reece

ralph-and-reeceReece? Yea, Ralph…

I’m thanking ’bout getting me a Tweeter account.

Why cause?

So I can tell Trump what a dope I thank he is.

You don’t thank he already knows that, Ralph?

Yeah, I reckon so. Spec he jest don’t much g.a.s.

Oh well, hit was just an i-de….

Say – that there piglet you got fer sale? Maybe…

I bet ol Trump would give you big govermet bucks for that pig if you told him “if you pulled his pork, he’d clean out the Pig Pen?”

You mean, “Drain the Swamp?” “Yeah, that’s a hit.”

Ahahahahahahah….. reckon so.

Good Morn-nin

oldman-dis2Good morning to you from the H.D.Munn site. This is our first full day of operation after having come back from my self-imposed hibernation period. (I’ve still got that head & chest cold thing going on and don’t feel the best in the world but I did want to get this posted, if nothing else but to keep up the contiguous calendar days of blog operation.)

The Sun is SHINING today (Sunday) across South Carolina after our big snow alert day yesterday. Yay. The sky is an amazing clear blue color. And yet, it’s pretty cold out there too (29 deg F with a high of @40).

I’m a walker. I love to go walking early in the morning, about sunrise. It’s good exercise and has a positive mental & spiritual effect too. But it’s just too cold right now for me to take my 70 year old carcass out there walking. I’m really thinking of purchasing a treadmill this year, for those days when I can’t walk outside due to the cold. Maybe I’ll make that a NY Resolution? 🙂 Yeah, that’s the ticket…

I leave you with these cutie pictures from Wade down in the Sandy Run community. (There’s no telling where he got these photos from but if you have a problem with my posting them here, go see Wade and not me. They’re from a collection entitled “Me & My Mom.”) Enjoy!

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My First Blog Post ~ a kind of Welcome

hdmWe’re ba-ack… That’s right – the good for nothing, ridiculous, over-the-hill, old people’s, N(ew)AARP, hdmunn.net/.org/.com blogsite rides again! We’re back. We just couldn’t stay gone forever. We missed this method of communication so much (we don’t do FB or LinkedIn or Yahoo anymore) so this is about the only outlet we have for socializing with others on the internet.

First things FIRST: Please Do Not “Subscribe to this Blog.” I haven’t had time to get that feature closed off yet but please – if you come across a Subscribe feature or “Feed the Bears” sign here, just don’t do it. We don’t need or want someone tracking us by “following” us or by our sending out automatic notices of posts which aren’t finished. Naah, not yet. And too, IF you’re looking for a PRO-Trump site, THIS AIN’T IT! We are not Uuge Trump supporters. Sorry. Go find your vulgar Yankee Redneck presidenck somewhere else.

Please give me some time to get this all up and running again (I may even “export” some of my old content off one of my original blogs to this one? Who knows? Whatever, just relax and enjoy. Toggle… deep breath. Reset. 🙂

2nd Post

Are you still there? 🙂

Initially, I thought about “uploading” all the backup/saved posts from one of my previous blogs but again, gave that idea up in favor of just starting out anew, beginning afresh. (After all, those who enjoy this little group’s email exchanges will find us again probably…. somehow… if it’s meant to be.)

These bambi photos are from Paul Robinson (somewhere in Illinois – who is still hiding out from not paying his delinquent 1965 hippy-age tax returns). Apparently Paul is today a professional internet “birther” snoop and came across these pictures he wanted to share to prove once & for all the existence of Bambi & Thumper.

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